Friday, August 26, 2011

CLOSING TIME message of the Lord Jesus* Christ 8-26-2011

The message of the Lord Jesus* Christ
via the Holy Spirit  8-26-2011 appears 
to be of closing time.

Behold beloved I come quickly.... 
ring out warningto all that will hear you
... lift up your voice an tell them
 I am coming quickly for mine Beloved, 
mine Elect, my Bride, my Church, the Saved 
and are keeping watch... I am coming..
Hold tight to what thou hast in the Lord of lords and King  of Kings for I am with thee... I tell you saith the Lord of heavenly hosts that the hour,  the day, the time, the moments are at hand I am coming
 ..... catastrophe, catastrophic events will overtake the entire world in a day when none expect, it happens...
 so be it
Men will be surprised and amazed
at the handy work of the Lord of lords and King of kings.... I will amaze them.
... Warn them... I come no- turning back- so be it
The time is at hand 
my deliverance is upon you.. 
lift up your heads oh ye gates  
for your redemption draweth nigh 
in a moment when you least expect 
for I come suddenly, quickly, 
all events are heightened, 
for my arrival will be expedient... 
upon you and even still
many sleep 
and will continue to slumber 
missing the door of opportunity
.... the door will be closed on the Bride...  
Its closing time the doors 
and windows will be closed
on the bride, closed, closing time...
I say closing time for I am coming and my recompense is with me ... hold tight for your redemption draweth nigh how much more clear can I warn you my children that I am coming sooner than you are prepared for ... be aware be ready make ready make way for the King of kings for so be it ... I  come at a time when you think not... make way for the king.
Hold tight for so be it. 
Rejoice in the Lord your God in Jesus* 
the Savior of the world and let whosoever will
come now.... so be it.
Backsliders repent and come home
and you who are heavy laden burdened and carrying much grief and sorrow upon your shoulders come unto me and I will comfort you ...
I alone will give you rest ... I will give you rest from your troubles... come unto me  saith the Lord of lords and King of kings... come now.
For I alone am able .... to deliver ... I alone am able to set men free... I alone am able... come unto me...  saith the Lord of lords and King of kings.
That was the message of the Lord Jesus* Christ
via the Holy Spirit  8-26-2011
Pray for Peace in Jerusalem 
for there will be no peace 
until Jesus* takes the thrown of David.  Only then 
will peace be in Jerusalem and the Lord Jesus Himself will rule them with an iron rod... Hallelujah! 
Jesus Saves* the sinful men
.... and He is coming ....
we are living in the most exciting times
this world has ever known
... the last days....  

Jesus* Blessing to you 

PS the Lord woke me at approx 4:30 am to receive this message....  upon sitting at the keyboard hours later to type it out for you ... whosoever...  much of my chicken scratch I could not read... so the Lord gave me the message again this afternoon... not in the same order or identical but the message is the same content.

You who are keeping watch and know 
what time it is... you prepare and make way 
for the King... its your responsibility 
in the Lord Jesus* the Savior of the world
.... make way for your King is coming! 

Let us hold up our lights 
unto the Lord in the darkness and make way
... Glory be to God in Heaven 
Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit 
to the King of kings and Lord of lords 
our Bridegroom is coming... Hallelujah!
Blessed be the name of Jesus*Christ
Blessed be our Heavenly Father
Blessed be the Holy Spirit
Blessed be the God of Abraham, 
Isaac and Jacob
Blessed be the God of Israel

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