Sunday, August 14, 2011


Write these things to whosoever to the 
Churches that these things I say are true 
saith the true living God...
Behold take heed take heart for I am coming
saith the Lord of lords 
I  am coming and my reward is with me  
my recompense is with me 
Man imagines his folly will go unnoticed 
undetected and granted for a day it seems to be so
that God is not  in the business of tending to matters 
.... but a day will come when men will know
 that I sleep not,  I do not slumber ... I keep watch and I know ....
Rejoice for I come my recompense is with me 
I come and my reward is with me....  the God
that does not sleep or slumber is on the throne
and He comes for His Bride... Rejoice with me for I am 
that I am and I come for my Bride...
Rejoice! for the hour of deliverance is at hand...
Rejoice with me 
....for those that imagine I do not see .....
will be gravely disappointed, much sorrow, much grief, 
much despair, much anguish will fill them, their bones will
ache in despair and in grief ...for the realization that God in 
Heaven the great I  Am does not sleep or slumber
but  knows  and does see... for a day it may appear that the Lord God does not see or hear and  then the day  of awakening  is apparent to men on earth...  how sad  how sad... when
men on earth will and do come to know that God is all and all... Have faith for the hour of deliverance is at hand.
Rejoice!  be prepared look up on  
Jesus* name and  Hallelujah! for the 
time of day draw nigh unto you 
and soon you shall ever be with the Lord of lords
 and King of kings...
All things will not remain as they are 
for they channge even so now... they change
and the time draws near of deliverance 
for the Church of  Jesus* Christ the 
Lord and Savior of the world..
Let He who is unrighteous be unrighteous still 
let he who isunholy be unholy still for the time comes 
and goes and so be it... I have
spoken saith the Lord of lords, 
the Lord of Heavenly hosts so be it ..
my word will not lie,
my word is true,  my word will hold, 
it will stand, it will not be put under,  
for it is and always shall be
 the truth and the truth shall prevail, s
aith the Lord of lords and and King of kings.  Selah
Who is likened unto the Lord of lords and King of kings 
none no tone,  none saith the Lord of lords
not one no not one ...
I stand alone saith the Lord of lords..
I am that I am and I standalone
I am righteous and Holy 
none is likened unto me
I am sovereign
I am love, peace and happiness
joy beyond measure  are mine 
they are of me and are me...  I am.
I am all things good,  righteous and Holy... who likened unto me
None   Not one saith the Lord of lords and King of kings
Whosoever wants to drink of the water that I offer come now and drink for the hour is at hand  of greatest of changes upon the earth  all things are moving quickly into  and will not turn back for  they are the word of God alive and at work in the world
So be it. 
All things move ahead quickly saith the
Lord of lords and King of king's
Behold for I am with thee now and shall
be ever more with thee
rise up now and honor me for I am your King  of kings and Lord of lords...and all those that mock me will mock me still ... so be it... 
There is a timeof justice and recompense and it is due... 
Overdue saith the Lord of lords overdue.
And it will be justice served saith the Lord of lords 
and King of kings.  Hallelujah!
Rejoice with me for I come beloved none no man 
knows the day nor the hour ...
even so I come beloved  rejoice so .... for so be it.
Rejoice for so be it ..I come beloved.... victory
is in the King of kings and Lord of lords
the Savior of the world..
Victory won is in death to sin.
Soon all things will be anew, afresh,
abolished of the old and in with the new  Selah
Until the hour... hold tight for even so I come beloved
and again I make all things new
upon the earth and in the hearts and minds of men... 
Great and terrible time such as never seen before nor will ever be again it comes, ushered in quickly without delay...  it is ridding in swiftly upon the earth and all things will suddenly be new .... sudden change... suddenly different and then so be it
for it will be
Fear not for all these things must happen in order that the Lord of lords and King of king sreceive the Glory for the great and terrible things He has done.... none will say unfair and none
will say unjust for I will judge the peoples with equity... Selah   Hallelujah!
“Rejoice with me for I Am that I Am and I come for my beloved .... who can know the day or the hour of my coming even so it is  at hand... I come for my beloved .... Hallelujah!... I come  suddenly without warning so be it... no man knows the day nor the hour...... but I tell I come beloved ... I tell you I come beloved.... Rejoice with me for I come beloved... lift up your heads and rejoice.
None is likened unto the Lord of lords and King of kings for I come and come for mine elect the Bride of Christ the Church of Christ 
 ..... send out word to her that I come
Tell her  stay prepared for I come for her ...
Her hope and strength are  in me...
she has little strength and I alone am her might  I carry her...
She is mine elect my true  Bride  she is my saved my beloved 
none is likened unto me saith the Lord of lords  None
That’s all I tell you beloved....  that’s all.
I tell you  in short I come .... I come  suddenly
my coming is at hand So be it. Rejoice
For at a time when  you least expect ... suddenly  
you shall ever be with the  Lord... Hallelujah!
Rejoice !Rejoice! Rejoice!
Thus saith the Lord of lords and King of kings
Selah Amen
so be it.
For as many that receive me
I come and receive them
the time is of great pressing essence
hear the call of the Lord Jesus* the Savior of the world
Hear my call to you whosoever will hear my call to you
if you thirst and want of this water that I alone can give 
come now and my promise is my word to you ...
You will never thirst nor hunger again, for I am the way, the truth and the life ...all who enter through me will go out and find green pasture.I am the way
and there is none other
no not one
yes there are many gods but none likened unto me
no not one

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