Saturday, January 16, 2010

God Reveals


Saved your His child, He will watch
over His own. You may go through many
great trials in you journey in the Lord
your God You may be left in the desert of
your spiritual walk dry and thirsty lack
of the True Living Water to sustain you
it may be at times that you feel great
separation from God, but know its these
times of your journey in the great I AM
in the Son and Holy Spirit your being tested
pressed for more. Your being challenged to be more.
Be encouraged to look up even though the sky looks dark
raise up your head in hope. The creator of Heaven and earth
is not far from you.

Saved the Holy Spirit is dwelling in you.
Though He may seem silent, though He may
seem to offer no hope. Please realize
these are trials, that will try your heart
and mind, your spiritual walk in God.

Is it stable, is it secure, will you go
astray or wait out the dry place?

Will you hold out and wait for the
water that will refresh you once again,
renewing your spirit your peace your
joy in the Lord your God?

Will you hold out or give up and walk away?

When if, should you; determine to walk away from God;
because He is not right there when you believe He should be,
your journey will grow even more difficult, you will not prevail
in that frame of mind or heart.

You only serve to hurt yourself.
Its far better to suffer in the desert
than to build a golden calf of your own
freewill against Gods will
for your life.

When Moses was missing from the view of the
multitude as he was in the presence of God
and not before men. They lost their way,
they were not patient, they could not wait
for their shepherd to return [as Moses led
the Israelite he was their shepherd ordained by God]
even after the mighty miracles they were not only
witness to but a part of ...they still stammered
and lost their way.

We need reflect on the hearts of those
that were in the very midst of the
miracles of awesome Gods mighty hand
and still they lost their way.
How then might we respond walking
with the unseen God, not having been
a part of the miracles that set the
Israelites free. Not having been delivered
from bondage to cross through raised
water to freedom and witness the enemy
of Gods children perish beneath the water.

We who have not been privy to so many
lively non-deniable miracles of
the hand of God ... walking on this
side of the Cross .. walking in our
soul salvation in and through Jesus*
our precious Lord and Savior....
how much like the Israelites might we be?

Let it be a sign unto us
on this side of the Cross;
when we feel we have come to a
spiritual wilderness of great thirst,
of dry, cracked, parched ground
and there seems to be no hope,
only a seemingly long period
of empty silence .... a time of
absence of a time of void of
when if we are in that place
.... let us reflect on Exodus...
and know your deliverer your God is
working for you, working on your behalf.

Can He trust you?
You being seemingly alone for a time
[even though the Lord your God has
never left or forsaken you]
in the desert of your journey
what will you do?

If you have arrived in that place
in your walk in the Lord let me be a
comfort to you in my words to you.
I was there; for what seemed like
a life time, too long.. Its not
a place of having grieved the Holy Spirit.
Its a place of a spiritual trial.

Reflecting back on that place pondering;
does God test many like this for the sake
of what the Israelites did having been set
free and then turned from Him so quickly
to build a false god to bow and worship?
What might you do in forty days in this place?

What we can know for certain is;
what they did in that place of waiting
on the Lord God is exactly
what we ought not do.

Recollecting their behavior,
we can know it should not be repeated
in our spiritual journey in Jesus*
no matter what comes our way. Amen
Let us trust God with us,
He will never leave us or forsake us.
With God before us whom can be against us.

In our driest times of our spiritual
journey we need to gird up and PRESS IN.
Keep in His word Trust in His truths and
if we hold our ground, not only will we
emerge from, we will prevail for having
not succumb to other gods in our
spiritual desert place of time.
Praise Jesus* Amen

Our walk in the Lord is to ever INCREASE
in Gods will For our lives, that He teach
us how to live in Him. That He reveal Himself
to us; as we grow in Him we see more and know
more of Him. He reveals in His good and perfect
time according to His perfect will; not ours.
He is the potter... We are the clay.
He will mold us and make us and REMAKE us
and have His own way.

Who is likened unto our Great God?
None, not one. He is, He was, He always
will be, all things will pass away
but His word will not pass away.
The word is God. We have much to learn
and will ever be learning in God.For if
we say; I know it all, I have it all and
I need no more increase of God weather be
in knowledge of or intimacy of or increase
of the gifts of the Holy Spirit of God,
If we say we are full to the brim and
have no lack, surely then we are Lack...
we fool ourselves. Who can say they have
the all of God and there is nothing left
to know of Him, nothing left to grow
in Him for they have it all?
"Who is equal to God?... Enough said".

Beloved in your journey in the Lord Jesus*
have hope in all things and in all times.
Though the sky looks dark, if you hold on
light of day will break through,
the brilliance of the sun will warm you.

If you are thirsty and feel the desert
lacking spiritual water... I bid you hold on
... your being tried ... for your salt.
For you are the salt of the earth...
what value is salt if it has lost it savor?

Are you worth your salt?
God is searching your faithfulness in Him.
From the moment of our betrothal to God through
the Saving Grace of Jesus* Christ Gods
only begotten Son; you are in the beginning
of your spiritual journey. You will stand on
mountain tops and slide down the other side
to the bottom of a valley below. You will linger
and wait on, you will cry out, it "may seem"
as God is not with you.

I bid you wait on, hold on to what you have
in the Lord. For those that wait out these
spiritual trials in their journey in the Lord
have much reward thereafter.
For the Lord will flood them with
His great pleasure in their obedience to Him.
For their patience in waiting on Him.
He will rejoice in their faithfulness
in Him and celebrate them in many ways.
Perhaps through greater spiritual enlightenment,
more joy, more increased hope and faith,
a blessing of some treasure from the Lords table;
[who can know what the Lord will celebrate you with?]

Trust He does indeed rejoice in us
when we are victorious in Him!
That we have faith enough in Him
to trust in Him; no matter our course,
no matter our lot in life,
no matter our spiritual place
in the dessert or a bottom valley,
no matter where He leads us
or so seemingly leaves us.

Can we trust He will never leave us or forsake us?
Can we see we must be tried by fire for our faithfulness in Him?

None in the Body is without test without trial; none.
No one sneaks into the family of God.
None are unnoticed or not counted.
None are ever out of His sight.
None are ever forsaken.


Are you up to the journey of your eternal life?
Are you up to the Fathers business or your own?
Do you wander and stammer,
do you cry for lack and are unfulfilled?
Where is your patience where is your trust?
Where is your heart?
What is God doing in your life in Him?

Many questions to ask oneself to evaluate where
one may be in their walk in the Lord their God.

Aid is available no matter our course; there is
always a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
When your feel abandoned or dry of thirst of Spiritual Water,
when you feel separated from God, as your in His testing ground
of fire for your salts worth in Him.

I want to tell you something that may sound contradictory
at this point yet it all fits together.
The DIFFERENCE BETWEEN what I have said and what I'm about
to say is TIME AND GROWTH in the Lord God has since
enlightened me to a new spiritual level.

Permit me to share what God has revealed
that you might be increased in your walk in Jesus*
May these words edify and enrich your life in Jesus.
I pray they do and that you will give
All the Praise, All the Glory, All Honor, to Jesus* Christ;
our Lord and Savior... Amen

of your spiritual trial and no longer thirst.
Praise Jesus* be enlightened!
You can be fulfilled and sustained through.
You who are saved have the third member of
the Holy Trinity dwelling within your being;
if you tap into Him, you will drink
and you will be refreshed, renewed!

The True Living Water is of the Father,
The Son and of the Holy Spirit
our Great Three in One God.
He who has the Holy Spirit indwelling
can tap into Him.
We on this side of the cross have
something more than the Israelites did...
they had the Holy Spirit come upon them
to do some great work and then
He would leave them.

Since the Cross; Jesus promised
and left us the Holy Spirit
hence saved we have Him within
and we are never truly alone.
If when we tap into what the Lord
has given us, trust that we shall not thirst
but find our fill from within.

How many of us in the Body of Jesus
do not recognize the Third member of the Holy Trinity?
Do not realize, recognize His ongoing work in us nor understand
what "value of God" has inwardly been given them?

You have much, you have ALL you need.
Upon Soul Salvation you have all of the Holy Spirit you need,
He increases our spiritual gifts as we recognize Him as we tap into Him
we will grow miraculously more quickly in our spiritual journey.

Again, consider in God we grow to understand,
we are expected to increase in Knowledge of God
Study His word that we be approved.
The Holy Spirit is not to be overlooked
but embraced as part of God; OUR GOD IS IN THREE PERSONS.
Understand when we grow in knowledge of;
we benefit ourselves in our
spiritual journey as well as others. Amen

Tap into the Holy Spirit of God within your
vessel and your spiritual journey
in Jesus* will be greatly increased
to your good favor in Jesus*
Seek again, look again,
look at the "He" God has given thee.
He is within your being,
tap into the Holy Spirit of God.

Its a new day, a new time.
Since the Cross we have been offered something more than.
Recall our journey in the Lord is a growing process.
Saved we grow, upon soul salvation none knows all.
We all learn, we learn over time.
Learning we share our treasures of God with
the Body of Christ that the Body be edified.

God does not give us treasures that will not edify the Body.
Increase in God is His will for His precious children.
We grow, in Jesus,He is our Good Shepherd.

Just as the Israelites; so will we be tried,
may your thirst be quenched in the Lord
{sooner...through this heightened awareness
of what you have within you, that they indeed
did not have. His precious TRUE LIVING WATER
IS WITHIN YOU; waiting for you to tap in and drink.

Remember we are to grow in;
NOT be stagnated in our spiritual salvation.
Change comes frequently as we learn in our Lord Jesus.
From the moment of our Salvation we were forever CHANGED
as we grow up in Jesus we will ever be CHANGING
for if we stay the same and we do not grow
we are then stagnated in our slump and can loose
our greater potential in Jesus... Jesus* calls us to be more
to be all we can be... He gave us life,
to live it more abundantly is to seek ye first the kingdom of God
and that beloved is on the inside of you.

Praise the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit our great three in one God!
Praise Jesus* our great redeemer for having paid all at the Cross!
That we may come in and sup with Him and He with us.

Be Blessed in your hearts journey in Jesus*



Remember; its not God that reminds you of your past life before soul salvation,
its not God that will never let you forget your sins or short comings in Jesus since
your salvation, its not God that strives to keep you from spiritual growth in Jesus.
It is the god of this world that wants you chained to your old man and will
drive you into the RECALL any all of your sins that God has forgiven you of.
satan will squelch your growth from every avenue possible,
that you be rendered weak, and broken...
dont pay him any mind.

* Recall YOUR WORTH!

*Saved you are re-made, changed, growing in your VALUE in Jesus*

*Jesus* PAID your sins in full.. you were bought with GREAT PRICE!



*He WHO IS IN YOU is greater than He who is in the world. [Holy Spirit]


1 John 4:4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them:
because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

1 Cor 2:13 Which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.

1 Cor 14:12 Even so ye, forasmuch as ye are zealous of spiritual gifts, seek that ye may excel to the edifying of the church.

Rev 21:10 And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me;

Matt 25:23 His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.

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