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That statement is time elapsing span of ones life to get the just of it.
The first steps to "Not our will but His will be done" via soul salvation.

Upon soul salvation their is a definite noticeable change within you that will work its way outwardly, that others as well may see and hear .... something is definitely different in you... Saved * We know ...its the Holy Spirit within you.

Are we then on auto pilot... to not our will but His will be done ...
from our Born Again Birth Date in Jesus Christ our Savior?
No... our battle in Christ has just begun.

Every attack from the powers of principalities of darkness will come against us to test us.
I could say break us ... that's what it feels like. As like breaking a wild horse once its been captured; first to be able to bridle and saddle it and then to ride it; breaking the bucking bronco.

Less of us and more of Him. How does that happen? We are so entangled in work, things to be done, bombarded with appointments, schedules, repairs, keeping things running, working hard to survive and perhaps raise a family... or have a spouse that's got issues or time consuming loved ones that seemingly take up much of our time. How do we do it in this maze of life issues we may be enveloped in.

Truly it is easier to find God when you have peace and quiet, down time. Time to read His word and spend hours in prayer.
Fellow shipping with others in the Body of Christ is an uplifting experience as we plug into a higher voltage if you will, in the Body of Christ when we connect with one another.

How does a busy distracted oppressed by life individual find time for growth in his or her Salvation when life is so perplexing, full of drama and or trauma?

That's the miracle of it, that's Gods work, not ours. Even in the midst of a battlefield with bombs exploding, screaming voices, frantic commotion, confusion and mayhem... one can be in touch with God and better still God is and can be in touch with you.

His word has managed to survive over 2000 years, He calms the oceans and creates the storms, He sets the boundaries for the stars, moon and sun. He is responsible for every living creature and human that has ever, does now and will exist upon, in or above the earth. So do we imagine He is capable of getting our attention?
Saved - No matter where we are or what we are going through God is with us.
As He proclaims the Saved to be the sons of God; trust He will make a way for you and to make a way for you to learn to be still before Him... even in the midst of calamity. With God all things are possible. Amen

- Our KEY to beginning a closer walk with God via Soul Salvation is getting to know the Third Person of the Holy Trinity is now residing within your vessel [you], you are now filled with the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD.. RECOGNITION of Him will greater open your prayer channel to Jesus Christ your Savior with more clarity. Note our prayers can often be intercepted by powers and principalities of the darkness of this world ... not that they will not reach Jesus but we can suffer delays...[delays to the point of time we assume its a NO answer, or we GIVE UP on the prayer request.... its a great tactic of the enemy against us] this is shown more clearly in

Daniel 10: 13 “But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days; and behold, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left alone there with the kings of Persia.”

13 “But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days; and behold, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left alone there with the kings of Persia.

The delay to Daniel’s prayer had to do with the “prince of the kingdom of Persia”. This was probably a fallen angel assigned to the geographical area known as Persia by Satan (Ephes 2:3). Both Michael and this angel were “princes”. This fallen angel opposed God’s program. We can see the waging war was of a “territorial demonic stronghold”

PRINCIPLE: There is a spiritual war going on 24/7 and we are in it.
Daniel did not know about this conflict before the angel told him about it so he did not pray to overcome these demons.
The battle of Daniel 10 was fought in heaven, not earth.
The battle did not involve humans but two angels and a demon; God directed the battle through Michael.
God did not ask Daniel to bind demons or cast them from their geographical sphere.
God did not even ask Daniel to pray about the angelic conflict.

Satan is indeed the “ruler (prince) of this world” (John 12:31), “the prince of the power of the air” (Ephes 2:2), “the god of this age” (2 Co 4:4) and “deceives the whole world”

Some in the spiritual warfare movement believe that “territorial spirits” must be bound for the gospel to be effective in a national entity. They call this “Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare.” They believe in three levels of demonic control. Firstly, ground level demons control individuals. Secondly, occult demons give power to magicians, shamans and witches. Lastly, strategic level demons, whose main purpose is to hinder the advance of the gospel, rule geographical regions.

Do we imagine there are NO territorial demonic spirits hovering above us to intercede our prayer line?

We are in SPIRITUAL WARFARE and in this hour as many rebuke Jesus Christ to embrace evil and the likes of it.
Their is a growing increase in spiritual wickedness as more dabble and fall into the practice of magicians, shamans and witches and what not.

- Our KEY here is TO PUT ON THE FULL ARMOR OF GOD [Ephes 6:11 Put on the whole Armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

- Our KEY here is PRAYER; pray for the removal of demons and familiar spirits all powers of principalities of darkness of this world that can cloud, intercept, delay, weaken our prayer line to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Fasting, self denial and rigid focus on our prayers line is of great importance, satan is working hard, we should be working harder.

If we slack and sleep, if we imagine we are secure in our Christian walk, we fool ourselves. How many individuals might be in your life path that practice evil and seek to send familiar spirits, spells and demons to carry out evil upon you?
While you slumber they are in their dark prayer closet up to their evil workings against you.

Spiritual warfare is more than we know; yet we learn over time. Realize, the power of darkness is and does exist, next stand up boldly and rejoice for the power of the Holy Spirit of the True Living God within you is greater than.

Keeping us too busy and distracted from God and Spiritual Warfare going on around us daily may seem as though we are set up for failure, yet with Jesus at the Helm all things are possible.

Not our will but His will be done

- COME TO KNOW THE HOLY SPIRIT THAT IS DWELLING WITH IN YOU; HE IS THE POWER OF GOD, [greater is He that is in you (1John 4)] He will through prayer launch armies of Holy Angels to do battle on your behalf in Jesus name sake
and much more; the problem here is many Christians ignore the Holy Spirit within them as well as His work... this is critically sad and many loose Spiritual ground because of their ignorance of knowledge of what and who the Lord Jesus has provided them with via soul salvation.

- THE FULL ARMOR OF GOD - Why? Sounds like someone needs armor as though they are going to war. What war?
Saved - we are instantly cast upon the spiritual battlefield, we don't want to be without the Armor God has told us to suit up in.

Recall the duel between spiritual super-powers: the false gods of Egypt versus the one true God? Heathen sorcerers step forward. They drop their rods and each squirms to life. Before Pharaoh’s eyes is Moses’ solitary snake, hopelessly outnumbered by the magicians’ slithering brood (Exodus 7:9-12).

Likewise your Godly Armor has power to prevail against the enemy, you might opt as I have to add to your arsenal of weapons, carry your spiritual rod and staff with you at all times. The rod and staff are tools a shepherd would use in protecting ; he could cast it like a javelin at a predator if need be or thrust it through killing off the predator. Pray Jesus anoint and bless your rod and staff that it be used to glorify Him as you walk the spiritual battlefield. Add what you like in the Lord Jesus its your personal spiritual battlefield.
I have also added to my arsenal what I refer to as, the bloody chains of Jesus; note the power in the blood of Jesus, Jesus defeated satan at the cross.
I use those chains to spiritually bind demons, familiar spirits and powers of darkness of this world. Praise Jesus* and so can you.

- PRAYER LINE - at times we need fast and pray to be certain we are reaching God with our prayer, as powers of darkness of this world can hinder our prayers. Recall Daniel prayed on and on and on; had he accepted the hold-up as heaven’s final answer, the enemy might have successfully intercepted the prophetic message. When opposed by vile spirits, rise with indignation and enforce your Christ-won authority by ousting those frauds.

Growing in Jesus is a process, over time we learn more of what to and how to.
We need to clean sweep our prayer line, binding and casting out the powers of darkness of this world, freeing up our prayer line. Prayer is fearsome ammo to pound the enemy with. The more you pray the more you grow, the greater your victories.
And to stop to listen; to hear what the Spirit of the Lord Jesus is saying to you; its personal, your spiritual battle and spiritual climb in Jesus is personal to you.
Your goal is to climb higher in the Lord Jesus* that you be all you can be in Him.

Your body may be hard at work, yet your heart and mind can be set on the Lord; Less of us and more of Him; with God all things are possible. Amen

Surely its one day at a time sweet Jesus* as we grow Spiritually in Him.
Keep the faith, you are more than you know in Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior.

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