Saturday, January 23, 2010


Want to be motivated by your heart and not the pressure of time?

Do you know that time is a pressure of its own upon you
and that its greater than the pressure of gravity upon you?

What is time?

Man looks at the face of his watch daily.
He looks at the face of a clock multiple times per day
and though he sees and calculates he sees it not.

Who is the giver of time?
Of a mans seconds to minutes to hours to days.
Months on the Calendar stream by and New Holidays are Celebrated,
Birthdays and New Years pass by with no regard for the giver of time.

A man is alloted time to watch the old become new
and the new become old again.
To watch the seeds he planted grow to harvest
to witness the marriage and reproduction of
his children rendering him grand children and
great grandchildren and even up to
even great, great, great, great children.

Time is something that:
-perplexes a man
-crushes him
-holds him captive

It can be a heavy weight a burden of pressure unseen upon him
It brings many things to do inside of it.
it makes you look at it
and recall its slipping away.

Or it offers relief for your ahead of what you imagine you pressure.
Even inside relief is pressure of how long relief?
Its a pressure relief.... but that will not last for another hour
will start the pressure of time all over again like the oceans waves
slamming upon the sea shore so will man be crushed by the minutes
and hours of time...

How is it man can look at the face of his watch at the clock
before him and not see the true giver of it.
Man has enslaved himself in a pressure chamber
of a false god of this world.
The time god.

The false time god has been given homage over
the one true Living God
and so be it the weight of time will perplex and crush
a man through his god of choice.

Such grief is unnecessary ... if only man would look
into the face of time and see
the giver of it... The True Living God

What is breath without time and time without breath?
Who gives both in one?
You can not have one without the other.

How foolish man can be not to give regard to the Giver
of time and life.
For nothing is lest it be due God, From God, by God
Even time that enslaves men is given by God.

God gives time, men enslave themselves
Man needlessly enslaves himself inside time.

How can this be said? For life is so busy with appointments,
schedules to keep, things to do, people to see ... life gets
busy and often overwhelming with all to do in a day
and what then if a nights sleep was taken from and still time
presses onward with the same busy schedule of a heavy
list of things to do?

How can there be any relief from this pressure,
what does time have to do with a heavy work load
of our burdens to bear, isn't that what makes time
a pressure chamber what we do inside of it,
isn't the man of leisure not pressured in his time
while the busy working man is stressed inside his time?
How can we say time alone is a culprit when a mans burdens
can be great heavy or light to seemingly none?

Considering a man of leisure and a man
like a busy ant working daily.

Who can know what time brings a man but God.
Do we imagine by outward appearance the man of leisure
is not pressured by time?
Just like the man working hard labor through it?

They are both pressured... the man of leisure is pressured
in his mind heavy as the laboring man is.

Lets break it down into you picking out the Godly from
the ungodly man as you read to decipher according to your
wisdom in understanding.

One is pressured for there is never enough time
to enjoy all he the worldly pleasures he must
cram into a day filling it full of worldly goodness
... soaking up all he can requires time.
How much can he fit into his day?
He spends his time jumping into pools of worldly favor
and drawing unto himself treasures that please him.

The working man laboring daily pressured by and perplexed
by much strives to see a break from a time to find relief
and rest if he can in it ... rest for some is mental,
rest for some is physical and rest for some is both.
Some find rest in finding time for pleasure,
for some pleasure is sleep.... all varies in their quest for
relief in time away from ... still there is pressure
in even this; for man will keep looking at his clock.
As time ebbs away and its back to greater pressure.

Its a cycle for both in different arenas of life.
Time indeed brings pressure of some sort to all men
...none are exempt, lest God in Heaven remove it from them.

How can God in heaven do that?
For those that know Him not how can He?
That's a good question with an obvious answer..
He can not nor will not lest He on His own accord ordain it
... but lets look at that as Gods business alone and for
the most part we live by the law, all of us the saved and
the unsaved the just and the unjust... we live by the law of God.
His word is unchanging He is the giver of life and of time
and all things and nothing exists with out Him..

[The hardened heart of the lost see Him not nor do they desire for they
have freedom in not seeing the Truth... false freedom which is short lived...
temporary at best and then the Truth comes]

The True giver of all things is the giver of time
not some false god ... the false god time
is what pressures men... they look at the clock
and see a false god called time.

They structure their lives around the false god time
and he will pressure them, he will enslave them,
he will crush them inside his time frame.
He will taunt and tease them with a break of relief
and then slam them again with like the wave of the ocean
crush them again.. its a cycle round
the false time gods clock.

How do those that seek safe harbor and freedom from
this abuse find relief if any?

...The True Living God has given every man time.

Breathe... that breath in time was given you by Jesus*
whom created all things and nothing was created without Him

You have to know the word of God to know that
...we then study to show ourselves approved
unto the Lord. Amen

Breath and time are equal for you can not have one
with out the other.
What is time with out breath?
What is breath without time?

Seeing God in time is to see God in your very breath.
When you look at the face of time in any watch or clock
see God.
Breathe and see God who has given both to you.

Want to be free without a heavy weight of
pressure unseen resting upon your head
crushing your body beneath it?

You can Not do that if you don't know the Truth.
If your unsaved lest God in His own will has given you relief of
then see by the law of God it is not the standard its not the way.

What I'm saying here is all of us must see God as He alone
is the creator, He alone will do what so ever He please...
If you imagine there is something He can not do or will not do
according to His will even though it is not written in His Word;
then you do not know the fullness of God, you in your mind have enslaved
the all powerful Holy God to your small minds freedom of.
Hence you have shortened the All of;"what", "can" and "is".
Of what He can do.
Having said that lets move along.

[Here I'm speaking to the Saved to those
that call Jesus* their Savior]
No matter what your state:
no matter if your working hard
or your years of working hard are far behind you...
No matter what your state is as you live in Gods time
give it back to Him.

Pray this prayer aloud in your earnest heart and you will
be lifted immediately from the pressure of time and it will
not come back to you lest the devil seeks to fool you
and you can know God did not send him but he taunts you.
You being saved then have all authority over him and cast
him out away.. that you reside in the gift of pardon of pressure
of time that crushes your body as an unseen weight.

Father in Jesus* name I pray unto you, I see you and know you are
the giver of all things of all life and without you was nothing
created. I know you are alone the keeper of time of which I exist
inside of... my breath is in your time, my all is in your time.
Father in Jesus* name I surrender the time you have given me
back to you... I have no business harboring time or living under
its heavy weight, I give it back to you Lord that I am free of its
heavy burdensome weight that I will no longer be pressured in it,
but sail through it on a daily basis... knowing its not my time but
your time ... I Praise you Father in Jesus* name for this wonderful
freedom of burden that I too long carried over me... Praise you Jesus*
for setting me free. Amen and amen..

Praise to Jesus* you are set free from times heavy weight.
Now you will do all things in breath of time of God and he alone.
He will not allow the pressure of the false time god
to afflict you any longer.. Its done
its gone far from you never to return.

Now breathe in God and His time.
Breathe again God and His time
Again breathe God and his time.

In the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit you breathe
and not by any other.
Look at the face of the clock and see God in time.

What power of heaven and earth is greater than His?
The answer; NONE
None is greater than the GREAT I AM.
Praise Jesus* for all the good things He has done.
He is the root of all things good.
Let us ever more so grow in Jesus*

Without the pressure of time; your heart is flat lined
to the pressure of time... but now it beats in accord within
Gods time; rejoice!


Trust God alone to motivate and move you,
trust Him alone to urge you into and move you out of.
He is with you all the day long,
you rise up because of Him and lay down because of Him.
Your work and rest are in Him and through Him.
He will push pull your heart,
He will call upon you and convict you.
He alone motivate you when you surrender all to Him.
He takes the lead and that is the unseen rest upon
which we move in, work in, labor in.
He is how we labor... in rest.

In this place of rest we can sail troubled violent seas and struggle
to keep our vessel from sinking under.... and even then
In your heart is a calm sea as smooth as glass.
This is not the work of any man,
but the work of God ... and not just any god.
But the true living God.

There is much freedom in the Body of Christ
though Gods children know not of the freedoms
they are privy to.
Its a process of time.... and then the knowledge of
increase is released upon the Body of Christ that they
grow to be all they can be in Him. That they rejoice in
the blessings of their Heavenly Father who desires to bless
His children with many good things easing their
burdens in life that He be the lone carrier of all.
How richly blessed are we!


and partake of all His goodness... that He willingly longing desires to shower upon His own. Salvation is free to you... just ask of an earnest heart and He will enter in.

Blessings in Jesus* to you

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