Thursday, January 7, 2010


Deliverance is from God alone.

The adversary of God, the adversary of Jesus.... is lucifer;
the fallen angel now dubbed satan.
satan is bondage
Jesus is freedom from.

Their are many bondages and addictions that seemingly attach themselves to our flesh, to our lives on earth, to our mind body and soul.
Only the blood of Jesus is freedom from

Who can know the awesome power of God the Father of the Son of the Holy Spirit?
We get a taste of it and it crushes us as we tremble in reverence and great awe of God.

If all power of Heaven and earth were unleashed upon us in its fullness we could not bear it.
It can be likened to a man kept in darkness for weeks or months then brought into brilliant sunlight and told to look directly into the brilliant light.
We know its difficult to look at any light upon waking from our sleep
yet alone look into such brilliance after being shrouded in the depth of darkness. How can words describe Awesome God?

Who can harbor the all of God within themselves? We can only take in so much at a time and we faint at His awesome power.
God before us whom can be against us?
Whom can stand against God?
Whom can battle Him and win?
Praise to God there is not one.
For us to find Him is a gift, a privy, a gift, a blessing.

What a spiritual walk we have in Jesus...
We are filled with the precious Holy Spirit and He has his own personality. I will describe Him as my helper,my confidant, He filled me with joy of the Lord, peace beyond human comprehension, that I felt as I had wings on my heels.

We know Jesus is Love.. Love so much He stretched out His arms and died for us before we even knew Him. He is our adversary, He speaks to the Father on our behalf.

The Father is more stern, crushing like... to be in His presence is to feel so weak and helpless, small and childlike.
His Holiness emanates strongly from Him, so much He feels almost unapproachable and yet is approachable.

We truly serve an AWESOME THREE IN ONE GOD.
I'm awestruck in my newest spiritual privy of having met and am just now obtaining a relationship with the Father, The Great I AM.
The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

I need to share this place to tell someone anyone that will hear.
You cant read this in a book and know it, that's only imagining. If you have been in this place in the presence of the Father, then you know this... If you have not yet come to know this place in your spiritual journey in Jesus.. Oh you are in for amazement in your spiritual walk.... all I can tell you is wait, you just wait until Jesus introduces you to His Father ... This is magnificent.

These may be mere words to an empty vessel, but to you that are Holy Spirit filled you can begin to understand me.
A few minutes in the presence of the Father and you feel drained, as if you were crushed, crushed of your strength.
Your Holy Spirit is like a drunk from trembling, swaying then wanting to faint or to collapse. The Father has a heavy weight feeling, Jesus a love feeling, the Holy Spirit in comparison to the Father has a light almost fluffy feeling.

Truly this is not our Home, yet we are knitted together with God via the Holy Spirit... a little more time perhaps and soon we will be privy to go Home. HOME to more Love and awesome power than we can stand...
Blessed are we who have come to know the TRUE LIVING GOD. All Praise to Jesus* for what He has done to make a way for us to be pardoned of sin and enter into eternal salvation...

Salvation; that's the key that opens the door to a whole new world.
And that new world, is never the same... it changes constantly because we are changing constantly in Jesus.
As we grow in Jesus... we are introduced to something more, and then something more, and then something more.

Can you see the garden of beautiful flowers growing in blessed sunlight in your mind? Its like us in our walk in the Lord.
We are like flowers in the Garden of the Lord, growing from a seed, to what looks like some type of plant, then a tiny bud is visible, the bud enlarges to begin to open, its a tiny beautiful flower, next the flower increases in size spreading its petals. The Splendor of Lord does that to us.

We are so ugly without God.
Without God we are likened to dung, rubbish or something to be burned for all eternity.

Isn't it amazing how Jesus can take the vilest person into the fold via soul salvation and begin some wonderful work in him or her.
To bring this person step by step into more..... More of Him and less of us. How beautiful is more of Him.

Its funny how we cling to ourselves as if we have it all together, we don't want to let go. We don't realize we are junk, no good, broken, yiky... just all wrong.
We just cant see that in ourselves.
Only when God does His finery work in us, only when we have let go of ourselves to embrace Him... only then can His finery begin in us.

If I could have seen and known this way back when ... oh I would have left myself for this God this magnificent Holy Three in One God long ago... What I was missing ... what I was missing; for the sake of clinging onto me, clinging onto myself.

If I could encourage you in your growth in Jesus.... don't wait as long as I did.
LET GO! Your not as much you think you are, your nothing, you lack all things good, your poor and need increased, your hungry and don't know it. Your Spirit knows what you do not. Their is so much more to gain in God.

And to think this is only just the beginning of this new road or path in God, its fresh its new.

We are not going to be able to stand it when we get up there.. all that MAJESTY AND GLORY AND POWER AND BRILLIANCE and we will walk in it for all eternity.... oh Praise to Jesus* Christ for what He has done... FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM
is ours because of His precious Holy Blood Shed that we might obtain eternity with Him...

Blessed are we in Christ Jesus* The natural man ... I was him.... and I was found. No longer lost in the world but found.
For you who are thirsty for the TRUE LIVING WATER.... hearken to the call of the Lord Jesus* come to Him.
Lay down your arms, surrender to the Love that died for you, that you may live life MORE ABUNDANTLY!

Jesus Saves the ugly sinful man and makes him something BEAUTIFUL.... and to imagine you still have along way to grow... your not there yet, your still growing in Him. Your not just a single flower, your a whole plant, you have many buds that need to appear and open into many beautiful flowers... so many flowers growing to cascade into an arrayment of breath taking beauty. We can liken the Body of Christ Jesus to a beautiful flower garden... some are trallaced, some are viny climbers, some are bushy, some are tall and willowy, some are spreaders, some are clumpy delicates while some may be as tiny as babies breath, what an arrayment in the Garden of the Lord. Thriving on the true living water and His Holy Brilliance, His soil is rich and pure, He nurtures and cultivates, He prunes and weeds out. His finery in us is the SPLENDOR OF THE LORD.

He will create in you a clean heart, generate a new spirit within you... a Holy Spirit... the precious third member of the Holy Trinity.

Your flesh and perhaps some aid from the adversary will tell you... that's for loosers... No my friend... its for winners.
In Jesus* you have nothing to loose and everything to gain, and to imagine Jesus* paid the cost in full, all you have to do is
REPENT OF YOUR SINS... inviting Jesus in as your Lord and Savior. How Blessed are we, what a privy.

Jesus* is calling today.

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